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Capital Market | Understand Funding to Brazilian Agribusiness Companies and Cooperatives Through Offering of Agribusiness Receivables Certificates (CRA)

The Brazilian securities named “Agribusiness Receivables Certificates” (Certificado de Recebíveis do Agronegócio – CRAs) have become a major means of funding for Brazilian agribusiness companies and cooperatives. According to the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), in the 1st quarter of 2024, 49% of CRA offerings was invested by professional

In a didactic decision, the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice (STJ) evaluated the scenarios in which, in the face of a judicial recovery, the execution of the debt can continue

The jurisdiction clauses in domestic and international contracts governed by Brazilian law will be substantially impacted by a recent law update. Federal Law 14.879, published on June 5, modified art.

In a recent decision, the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) ruled that marketplace websites cannot be held responsible for fraud occurring in the purchase of a product advertised on the

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