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Corporate Governance | 5 Key Corporate Governance Aspects For Brazilian Companies Seeking to Raise Credit and Equity Investments

As condition for accessing credit and equity in BRL, US$ and Euro, Brazilian companies should implement solid corporate governance.  Governance is the set of management controls that aims to give confidence and transparency in corporate information, regardless of size.  In fundraising, governance provides lenders/investors with conditions to price the risk

The remitting abroad as remuneration for the acquisition of Software as a Service (SaaS) are subject to Withholding Income Tax (IRRF), at the rate of 15%, as well as Contribution

The Brazilian agribusiness sustained growth prospects for the coming years has called the attention to several types of local and foreign lenders seeking to finance the sector in local currency

Companies headquartered or with branches in Brazil must be aware of 3 tax compliance points in order to operate regularly, and to be prepared for corporate events such as M&As

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