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Venture Capital | 5 Key Points For Investors About the New Brazilian Startups Law

After a long period of debate in Congress, the new Brazilian Startups Law (BSL) was published, which impacts Angel Investors, Accelerators, Venture Capital Funds and Corporate Venture vehicles.  We list below 5 main points of attention regarding the new law:  1. Which Companies Qualify as Startups? Organizations, nascent or in activity,

The new Brazilian Startups Law has an important improvement from a tax standpoint but ended up leaving aside at least three aspects that would effectively make investing in startups more

Brazilian agribusiness is generating a virtuous volume in 2021 of M&A and funding transactions via financial and capital markets in BR$ and dollars.  The transactions are ranging from asset acquisition (mostly land), and Joint Ventures, to

The remitting abroad as remuneration for the acquisition of Software as a Service (SaaS) are subject to Withholding Income Tax (IRRF), at the rate of 15%, as well as Contribution

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