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Finance, M&A Transactions | Term Sheets Are Key for Brazilian Deals

2020 is expected to show a solid volume of foreign funding to Brazil, including Trade Finance and M&A transactions, and Term Sheet (TS) is a key document to be signed with the prospect Brazilian companies as to provide preliminary legal protection to lenders and investors. TS summarizes the core terms

Trade Finance facilities have been decisive for the growth of Brazilian agribusiness over the past 20 years.  Despite the growth of Commodity Finance (CF) and Supply Chain Finance (SCF), the

The highly anticipated Temporary Law (Medida Provisória) No. 897 (MP897) has been published byy the Brazilian President’s Cabinet and brought material legal innovations to foster funding to Brazil’s agribusiness. Key

This is a question 4 out of 5 foreign lenders, investors, insurers, and companies negotiating contracts with Brazilian counterparties have. Common sense is to elect the foreign entity’s law and

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