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Data Protection | 5 Areas That NDAs are Key in Brazil

Protection of confidential information is a critical issue nowadays, and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are key in matters related to Brazil, including Corporate Governance, M&A and finance transactions, commercial contracts and labor arrangements.  1. In Corporate Governance: Data and strategic plans are major assets of companies and normally shared with C-suite officers,

The Brazilian Supreme Court ruled that the Brazilian Internal Revenues Service (IRS) can retain the goods exported to Brazil when the price informed by the importer is less than the

The success rate of international financings in Brazil is directly linked to certain factors related to the management of the borrowers.  In our experience assisting foreign banks and funds, we

For a Brazilian company’s judicial reorganization be accepted by the courts, it needs to present the Tax Regularity Certificate.  This was the understanding of the president of Brazilian Supreme Court (STF)

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